We've already told you about our podcast(s) but beyond the microphones, who are we? Who are your hosts with the mosts and the BGE (Big Goal Energy) sending us out onto the road and back to the studio to tell y'all all about it?

We're Jackie (Jack on air) & Andrew, a couple and a couple of gamers dedicated to following our passions and creating projects that reflect that.

j&a, 2021

Who are we?


Wearer of many [cowboy] hats: Writer, photographer/VP, podcaster/producer, gamer/streamer, space enthusiast and soon to be: Author and online content creation teacher (more on this later). I binge tv shows, listen to the same albums over and over and absolutely love tattoos – current WIP: TLOU sleeve. My toxic trait? Starting passion projects and believing I'm able to do all of them all of the time. Just send Joel pics. Pls & thx.


Writing about myself is certainly a weaknesses but hey: nosce te ipsum, right? Reluctantly: A content creator. By day I shoot, edit and animate all sorts of delightful projects for clients. By night… well, these games won’t play themselves. I enjoy trying all sorts of new coffees and methods of brewing, cooking, playing endless rounds of Fall Guys with my crew or massive RPGs on PS5. Oh, and watching any film that has Keanu Reeves in it. I keep things light, but enjoy the dark… I’m a mystery like that.

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