Harpers Ferry, WV

On October 16th, 2022, we drove ~3 hours from southeastern PA to Harper's Ferry, WV to visit the historic Civil War site.

Exploring the town, we mused on whether or not Joel and Ellie's journey west could have – and perhaps should have – taken them through this location.



What is Wayfarin' West?

Wayfarin' West is a TLOU-inspired travel series. Jack and Andrew endeavor to visit and document all the locations featured in The Last of Us games. With photography, videography and exclusive pod episodes, we'll take you across the country and muse about it while we're at it.

What is the estimated timeline?

Long! It'll be a lengthy series that'll likely be in the works long after we complete the TLOU episodic reviews. Come for the video game dissection, stay for the real-time adventures!

When can I expect a new episode?

For now? Once a month! But: Kofi subscribers receive every WW episode ONE full month before they drop onto the regular feed. If you'd like to get up on that, visit ko-fi.com/tloupodcast to get early access!

How can I be a part it?

We would LOVE to meet up with our listeners if possible! There will be an updated map posted to the website in the next few months with a better roadmap of where we are headed and when we're headed to that location. So if it's feasible to stop and meet up with us, let us know!

How can I support this series?

This series cannot happen without you SO, if you're unable to make any of the future meet-ups but would still love to be a part of the journey (& making it happen!), you can do that but visiting: Ko-fi.com/tloupodcast! Every bit helps and when we publish the book at the end of the journey, every single person who supports us along the way will have their name featured!

Is there merch for this series?

Yep! Already is, actually but more on the way. We're working on a bunch of designs to add to the first and cannot wait to really get our store stocked for y'all!