Harpers Ferry, WV

39.3254° N, 77.7389° W

October 16, 2022:

Driving south on a crisp Autumn day, we set out to explore the historic Civil War town known as Harpers Ferry. The trip took us 3 hours one-way and in this time we enjoyed smooth roads, scenic surroundings and a whole lot of good music. This whole endeavor was all decided on in a whim – we wanted to undertake this particular location not just for the history, the views or mood-elevating tunes but rather how could a place like Harpers Ferry it fit into The Last of Us? What if Ellie and Joel's journey led them through an area similar to this and if so, what might that experience have looked like. How its isolation could benefit them in terms of safety or how it might've hindered their measures thus making it all the more dangerous...

Beyond that, we questioned whether or not a historic town with ties to the modern world could prove fruitful for their temporary stay or perhaps it might have been more of a hassle overall. And what about Bill? Could his methodology for security factor in well enough in a setting like HF? We wondered about these questions and so much more, discussing everything in the 1st exclusive episode for Wayfarin' West (links at the end of this text!) that premiered for our Kofi subscribers on November 20, 2022.

So it was that after walking parts of the Appalachian Trail, stopping in local shops and checking out the on-site Catholic Church, we made our way back to the shuttle bus, back to our SUV and back home. Left to muse on all the potential of Harpers Ferry – and its potential pitfalls – we fell down a rabbit hole of connecting an unrelated town to TLOU as best we were able to. We also documented our day as we explored, featuring two separate album sets and drone footage to help show the scale and scope of Harpers Ferry. And the scale and scope of our post-apocalyptic mindsets. ;)

We hope you enjoy this first of many episodes and adventures to come.

~ Jack & Andrew



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